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Having owned properties and completed my own property maintenance and handyman jobs, I have built up an extensive knowledge and specialist skill set in completing property projects and have worked closely with carpenters and tradespeople picking up handy hints and skills along the way.

More recently I have been working with Rental Property Management Companies.

Below is a snapshot of the services I can assist you with and if it's not listed, give us a call as we will always try to assist you to get your job done, and done right.

Yard Work

Lawns too long? Hedges too high? Have a dead bush to get rid of?

We are skilled in all aspects of yard work and spend the time on your yard to make it look great and the envy of your neighbours.

You may be looking at landscaping, large tree removal, or just waterblasting your driveway, we can help and provide cost effective options for you.


Kitset Assembly

Ever wondered why "A" wont fit into "B" and why when you've finished there's always a screw, bolt or nut left over?

Over the years we have worked extensively with a number of kitset assembly projects and have the tools, and know how to get your kitset assembled properly and ready to use like it should. Let us take the stress out of putting it together for you.

Rubbish Removal

Do you have a pesky pile of rubbish you just don't know what to do with or how to get rid of it?

We can take care of that for you, with either a covered trailer, or a large tandem trailer or even sort a large skip bin for you. 


Have you thought the flooring in your kitchen, bathroom or toilet could look better and tiles are what you are thinking, but all sounds too hard? Let us take the hassle out of it for you. We have experience and skill in professional looking installation of both flooring tiles and wall tiles. We would be happy to work with you, exceeding your expectations.


From small touch-ups to interior wall/ceiling painting to exterior house painting let us look to provide you with a cost effective yet professional finish to your painting requirements.

Gutter Cleaning

Not everyone enjoys working at height, and certainly not with the added balancing act of clearing all the debris from your house gutters.

Gutters should be totally cleaned out and free of debris at least twice a year to prevent inflow of water into your walls, and the inevitable waterfalls outside your bedroom window in winter.

Let us clear them for you and even look to install debris prevention systems.

TV Cabling & Setup

Like most people you probably have more than one TV in your house, but may not have that pesky aerial or cabling available for the spare TV you have.

Years of having multiple TVs has provided us with a unique skill in setting up mulitple TV's in a house without necessarily having to setup "Sky Multi-Room" or similar.

Talk to us today about the easy and cost effective options of setting up mulitple TV's for you in your home.


If you are looking at some minor fence or deck repair, painting or staining your fence or deck we can help.

We can build that new fence and gate for you as well as ground level decking, let us know your needs and we will be happy to assist.

Odd Jobs

Drier wall mounting, curtain & curtain rail hanging, lock changing, door handle installation, wall hole repairs, outside house washing, general house & property maintenance, is only a few of the things we are skilled at.

Give us a call today and see what else we would be happy to asssist you with to get that project sorted.

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